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Since 2009, we have been producing tools that aim to produce search engine optimized content. 

We started with a semantic crawler and a series of tools (wordpress plugin, competition analysis, SEO guides, ...) to advise our clients to dominate their thematic niche in organic search.


Data sources offering metrics for organic traffic (SEO) are numerous.  

The analysis capabilities at the semantic level remain (in our opinion) relatively limited in the marketing services. 

We are trying to gather new ideas to understand how a search engine like Google works.


We implement our ideas through various tests to measure the impact of different indicators. ​Sometimes we create algorithms, sometimes we create websites to observe the behavior of search engines.
The indexing process (how Google decides to store basic information about a text) is a source of speculation every time new algorithms are announced.


It is through progressive repetition that we manage to improve certain procedures. 

Iterations allow for continual improvement without starting from scratch every time. It also allows for continuous testing and evaluation as parts are completed.

On the other hand, other metrics remain unchanged for years. Some of them are the foundations of the indexing procedures.

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