SEO writing guides: example with a long text of more than 5,000 words

How to analyze the options to optimize a long text (here a text of more than 5,000 words written by Sandrine Monlor of the IDEOZ.voyages) website)

The interest of the SEO MITAMBO guide is to be able to provide different information on the structure of the texts that are retained by Google to meet this research intent.

The final analysis is transformed into a mindmap that will list all the topics.

The map is not “generated” automatically by the analyses proposed by the SEO MITAMBO GUIDES.

We keep an approach where an editor comes to validate the editorial intention he wishes to address by choosing or not the subjects that will compose his article.

Here at the reading of the map, we literally have the material to write other articles… and develop a theme that would help to impose the pages in complementary research.

Guide de rédaction pour la requête “fête de la bière”

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