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Tools for SEO traffic!

We are building tools for websites that seeks organic trafic from search engines.

How to generate a QUALIFIED traffic

WITHOUT wasting your energy and uncontrollable budgets in NETLINKING!

Win time

Discover new tools radically thought to save you days of work to go round in circles in your optimizations to classify your content and promote it on social networks.

Define your audience

Your audience is not your customer journey. Producing content to sell your services and products directly cannot work correctly. You have to go upstream and clarify the needs of your visitors.

Stop improvising

Is your editorial line in sync with your sales tunnels? One no longer writes  text with few seo keywords. We develop content with a precise structure for the Thematic PageRank.

Stabilize your assets

Content ranked with our semantic perception optimization approachremains in place for the long term. The exclusive method of MITAMBO since 2009 with our semantic analyzes.

Better qualify your traffic

Our unique editorial model based on imaginary journeys allows you to identify the expectations and needs of your visitors organized in a sequence to follow. A clear editorial line for a better-qualified audience.

Running for backlinks?

Do not spend more time getting expensive and uncontrollable backlinks, stay focus on producing your content: create your brand and your audience. With our approach, your backlinks will arrive naturally.

MITAMBO = Four integrated applications accessible to all

We offer a SaaS service available in self-service mode. It is accessible to beginners who want to learn to optimize their contents as to advanced experts who want to generate qualified traffic massively.

How to write an article that matches  100% to the criteria of a ranking without engaging a confirmed SEO writer?

You can always hire a professional copywriter but by checking the entire process BEFORE and AFTER the article is published to get results faster.



Do not waste time trying to figure out what Google is trying to offer as content to its visitors. Analyze research intent by identifying themes, essential key-phrases. Measure the effectiveness of your page with missing critical terms.



Our analysis of the positions in the research results makes it possible to understand which competitors dominate the semantic space.Our semantic analysis also analyzes your competitors’ site to identify new opportunities.



The WP Search Console plugin gives you total semantic control at the heart of your pages and precise information about your internal mesh.



Our MITAMBO crawler analyzes all websites and content management systems. Drupal, Magento, Prestashop, CMS House, …Find our analysis of semantic perception for each page, and we can also automatically generate the ideal mesh structure to carve your Thematic PageRank.

Do you want to start with the key on the engine?

We support you for a quick implementation of the MITAMBO method and our applications

We offer several coaching formulas that allow you to learn and implement the MITAMBO method in a few days.

Contact us

Come and describe your needs and we will offer you a coaching package.

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Edith et sa cuisine

Edith et sa cuisine

“I always use MITAMBO’s keyword report, coupled with the SEO SERP extension. When the crawler has worked, I use his result to rework my articles (recipes). Since I work this way, I have several recipes that are on the first page of the results and even a dozen in the first position despite the behemoths as “marmiton”. “

Pierre Alouit

Pierre Alouit

“Essential tools for SEO and for the Web editor to recommend, the modules of MITAMBO bring us a new vision of our site and especially page by page. The perception of the whole page and its analysis allow us to understand better how Google sees the page. For several months now, it has been an indispensable tool in our business. “

Edith et sa cuisine

Fabrice Ducarme

“In short, all this combined sounded the death knell of formation-creation-site-etc … .com and my efforts! Fortunately, a certain François Lamotte offered me a helping hand allowing me to see more clearly (see: Mitambo, Penguin Trainer), I rolled up the sleeves, and I got back to work, without hatred, no, really”

Edith et sa cuisine

Patrick Faust

“With Mitambo’s WP Search Console, I quickly see the site as Google sees it, and I can quickly implement the technical improvements to be made on a theme regarding OnPage optimization and internal mesh. “

Sébastien Pierrepacl

Sébastien Pierrepack

“WPSC allows me to understand if some pages are optimized (or not) from an SEO standpoint, why some pages are ranked and measure the difficulty (or not) to position content on good keywords. I complete my SEO experience over and over again, relying on new development tools like MITAMBO SEO guides to analyze Google’s TOP 10 on different queries. “

Edith et sa cuisine

Stéphane Briot

Mitambo’s WP Search Console brings us a wealth of valuable clues to help us better work on each of our site’s content.To my knowledge, there is no such comprehensive and powerful tool on the market. WP Search Console is a valuable assistant for your SEO. And he works very well!

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